About Us

Durable. Environmental. Long-Lasting.


To offer a fair value for the protection of your assets.

Core Values

Quality. Value. Excellence.

How We Got Started

Our Story

RiverCity Coatings was established in 2018, but its founders have been involved in the construction industry for 22 years.

Chester and Frank recently brought Rub-R-Wall into Manitoba, knowing that it was a superior product. It has been used in eastern Canada for over 29 years, proof of its excellent quality.

RiverCity Coatings is an exclusive dealer and sprayer of Rub-R-Wall. They are currently a four-man team, serving Manitoba and Western Canada.


What We Do Best


Avoid water damage and the expenses that come with it by using Rub-R-Wall.


Preserve your building’s value by protecting its foundation with Rub-R-Wall.
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